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Building UNITY A Permanent Home

Imagine a future in which people of different cultures, religions, orientations and abilities live in harmony, appreciating and learning from each other’s differences. Imagine a place where youth have an opportunity to “walk in the shoes” of others, to understand the importance of respect for others, to rejoice in the many extraordinary people who have overcome the challenges of prejudice. The future is upon us.  

The place is The UNITY Lab.


A national hub. . .

Located just one block from the California State Capitol building, the UNITY Lab will draw participants from among the 100,000 students and more than one million people from every corner of the world who visit the Capitol’s governmental and cultural institutions each year. A hub for discovery, discussion, and dissemination of proven tools and new approaches that can be replicated in any community, the Lab's presence will signal that UNITY is an essential and valued component of a thriving community, state, nation, and globe.

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a dynamic laboratory. . .digital youth

The UNITY Lab will be a national laboratory for researching, field-testing, and sharing methodologies, programs, and best practices. Innovative technology will enable the UNITY Lab to track the outcomes of participant experiences and measure the effectiveness of digital interactives. A auditorium equipped with audience response devices and workshop rooms capable of video conferencing will not only support collaborative experiences, but also provide cutting-edge tools for capturing real-time participant feedback and facilitating focus groups.

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reaching digital-age youth. . .ulab homepage

Young people are forging their identities, creating relationships, and shaping their worldviews through digital media, from social networking sites and online games to video-sharing and smart phones. The UNITY Lab harnesses these media as educational technology to facilitate transformative learning experiences. The Lab’s digital architecture enables young participants not only to personalize every visit, but also to share their creations and experiences online with friends, teachers, and family.

Discover the UNITY Lab Prototype at the George Washington Carver School.


. . .by design.

‘Flexscape’ architecture is integrated into every aspect of the UNITY Lab’s physical design to create not just a building, but also an environment that builds relationships. The program spaces, workshop rooms and community rooms offer a range of opportunities for individual reflection, small-group interaction, and assembly of large, diverse groups. Retractable walls, mobile furniture, and universal access design combine for a versatile learning environment adaptable to different learning styles and events.

Celebration Hall

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The UNITY Lab is shovel-ready! With your help, we can raise the $10 million needed to break ground. Join the Institute for Advancing Unity, our partners, and supporters in empowering youth to be champions of UNITY in their lives, their community, and the world.

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