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Aitan Grossman

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From a young age, Aitan Grossman was concerned about the welfare of animals and other living things, from those he could see in his backyard to those whose natural habitats were threatened worldwide. Reading Vice President Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” at age 12, Aitan never recognized the myth that, “I couldn’t do anything just because I was a kid.”

Immediately he responded to Gore’s call to action for young environmentalists, and decided to employ the tool of ADVOCATE. His love for music informed his advocacy, and he began writing a song, “100 Generations,” to get his message across.

““100 Generations” basically says that nature is eternal,” Aitan explains, a spark in his eye, “but we’re destroying it, and we have to keep it for those [next] hundred generations.” After forming a band with his friends, enlisting his music teacher to help record, and his father to help mix the tracks, Aitan applied for a copyright and began selling the song on Apple’s iTunes Store. The proceeds, along with his nonprofit organization KidEarth, ADVOCATE for wildlife conservation and habitat preservation. So far, Aitan has recorded youth singing “100 Generations” in France, Taiwain, Venezuela, Botswana, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.

“I had three main goals [for the project]: The first was to raise awareness. Two was to get recordings from all different parts of the world. And three was to inspire kids [to know] that they can do something if they want something to be done.” With the help of his parents and teachers, Aitan has been able to spread his song and his powerful message to groups of children all over the world. “It’s kind of a cool feeling that I don’t even know these people, but they have the same message as me.”

Thousands of people have downloaded “100 Generations” and many have been lucky enough to record. The song was released Earth Day 2009, and since then has been immensely popular: KidEarth’s site has had almost 1,000,000 hits from over 100 countries and Aitan was honored by the United Nations with a broadcast of the song to 5,000 youth leaders all over the world. For Aitan, “ADVOCATE means taking a problem, taking something that concerns you, and doing what you can to make it better.”

To hear the song, search iTunes for “100 Generations” or visit KidEarth.

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