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Mobile UNITY Lab

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Currently under development, the Mobile UNITY Lab will extend transformative, unity-building experiences to students across the nation.

Aboard the mobile lab, the Express Yourself learning experience dares participants to be extraORDINARY through interviews with people who have used creative expression to facilitate social change. Learn more about Express Yourself.

Next, a range of activities challenge participants to Practice the Tool and craft their own creative interventions.

The Oral History Alcove invites participants and researchers alike to record commentary or peruse the testimony database, using personal stories to preserve history and build unity in their schools and communities.

And inspired by The UNITY Lab’s real displays, Instruments of Change encourages participants to interact with replicas of historic social justice artifacts.

Combining rich media, high technology and hands-on involvement, the Mobile UNITY Lab is a versatile and effective way to teach today’s youth.

The educational resources and exhibition exchanges resulting from the project will amplify The UNITY Lab’s impact exponentially.

A Dynamic Mobile Curriculum

The Mobile Lab’s learning experience is configured as a dynamic flexscape system, making the Mobile UNITY Lab exhibit-ready for display at partner institutions. Both forms integrate with UNITY Lab curriculum available online, offering additional resources to complement the Mobile Lab experience.

Through a grant from the Verizon Foundation, the Unity Council has developed its first curriculum unit, Creating Social Change through Tools of Expression, with engaging standards-based lessons on history, language and the arts.

Linking real-world projects and activities to concepts such as equality, justice and civic participation, this curriculum strengthens positive youth developmental assets and promotes high achievement. Learn more in our Curriculum section, or view additional resources at Verizon's