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The UNITY Lab will be our hub for learning, relationship-building and resource exchange.

See for yourself in our Vision Video!

Just two blocks from the California state capitol, the Lab will be an extraordinary resource for the thousands of students and visitors who come to Sacramento each year. The cutting-edge laboratory for learning and discovery has a LEED-certified design far ahead of its time and will facilitate learning, relationship-building, and resource exchange through innovative technology and transformational programs.


In addition, the Lab is positioned to become the primary physical location for the creation, dissemination, and refinement of bullying-prevention and school climate initiatives in California.

What's Inside?

Each of the Lab’s three floors engage participants in learning experiences and activities based on Tools for Change— unity-building strategies with the power to transform individuals and societies. Each floor introduces the Tools for Change through a series of immersive activities, and each floor's Tools are connected by a common action. The chart below shows how the Tools are organized throughout the Lab, and how they relate to the tenets of UNITY. Learn more about this design in our Unity Tools Framework section. Click to see the chart full screen.

DIAGRAM: Tools for Change ChartHow Will it Work?

Here is a sample path through the lab, built around the action of Creative Change.

First Floor Tool: Express Yourself

Participants will learn ways to foster creative change and build unity through various forms of creative expression

Inspired by short films about how young people have used creative expression to build unity, participants will forge their own creative works at one of the interactive's three kinds of virtual workstations, and recognize how acts of expression can amount to real action. Learn more about Express Yourself, implemented now at our Prototype UNITY Lab in the George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science.

Activities: Create political posters, documentary trailers, and spoken word poetry.


Second Floor Tool: Create

Participants share self-discoveries by illustrating external and internal identity traits.

Activities: Create a dual self-portrait― one that depicts the identity you show on the outside, and one that reveals the values, feelings, and other traits of your inner self. Share your artwork and see how others express their identities.

Third Floor Tool: Celebrate

Participants will share in the various ways that people from different walks of life rejoice and honor traditions, and commemorate values of unity.

Activities: In the Lab's vibrant gathering spaces, participants can attend cultural celebrations, music, dance and film performances, art exhibitions, or join a community response to a current event.

IMAGE: Celebration  hallReady to See More?

Download plans for The UNITY Lab and check out our newest Tool, Express Yourself, which will be installed at our prototyping lab and digital arts studio in the George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science for evaluation. Participants can combine movie-making, rap or poetry recording, and poster making to create a compelling message about unity, while learning from the stories of ordinary people who used creative expression to realize extraordinary social change.